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Whether you need residential or commercial electric work to be completed, Q-Electric is the right choice. Our expert electricians will work with you to assure that your project is completed in time, professionally and within budget. We provide quality service and only use premium products to complete your project. Our prices are very competitive and affordable.


Home Connectivity

Control the lights, and shades of your home or business with your smartphone, tablet or PC, At or away from your home. Easy to use and customize.

Electrical Repair & Wiring

Whether it's an industrial, commercial, or residential electrical wiring service needed, we're your go-to company. Our team consists of professionals who can handle any size job you throw at us.  

Fire Alarm Systems

A good fire system is a must have...(True)

Any electric company can install a fire system correctly...(False)

Make sure you use a company who knows what they're doing. Our company has been trusted to install fire system in many small and large projects. Don't just trust anyone with your safety.  

New Construction

Starting from scratch is no problem for our company at all. 
Here at Q-Electric we are trained and licensed to support the present code and continue to strive for complete knowledge of all upcoming changes to the code. We will make sure we provide you with professional and quality work the first time around.

Kitchen Remodels

We are definitely the guys you should hire if you need your kitchen updated. We can update your electrical system to make it more economical for you and your family. 
Our company can handle any job from changing your lighting fixtures, new construction, or even if you want to fully remodel your kitchen. 
We can take on any project. 

Office & Retail Store Build-Outs

Many clients have trusted us here at
Q-Electric to handle their large electrical projects. If you hire us to do your electrical work we guarantee you definitely won't regret it. Whether it's a small office or a big warehouse, we can handle the job.

Panel Service

The electrical panel is the main source of your electricity. If you need your panel fixed or upgraded, don't hesitate to give us a call. Our team knows everything there is to know about the electrical panel. We will make sure everything is up to code and done professionally. Our panels are well marked and labeled. We also provide our customers with a reference guide for the panel.    

Landscaping Lighting

So you want to upgrade your landscape and make it look more beautiful. Then you have to make sure it's done right.

Here at Q-Electric we take pride in everything we do and will only provide nothing but quality service to you.


Have peace of mind when you can monitor your home or business at any time with your smartphone, tablet or PC. Replay footage and/ or set motion alarms, alerting if someone crosses the camera's path.

Remodels & Addition/Renovations

You want to turn that old dull room into something a little bit more eye-catching. Well, here at Q-Electric we are well experienced at making something out of nothing.
Our team has many years of experience in remodeling and can make your vision
come to life.

Generator Installation

A power outage can happen at any time. Bad weather conditions are one of the main sources. No need for you to suffer as long as you have a backup generator to save you. Let Q-Electric come and install one for you today! We have experience in installing all sizes and types of generators.

Lighting Assembly & Installation

We assemble and install all types of chandeliers and custom light fixtures.

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